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Do you want to change? More Money? More love? More Freedom? Bob Proctor has been teaching the law of attraction and more self-help for over 57 years.  He has helped more people find love, become financially free and reach goals they never thought achievable.  Let’s learn more.

Bob Proctor’s History.

Bob Proctor was $6000 in debt when he was 26 years old.  He owed everyone money and was sick and unhappy.  He was asked to leave High School since Bob wasn’t doing well and he didn’t want to be there.  When he was 26 years old, he met a man that would forever change his life and millions of others that he would coach.

The Man Bob Proctor Met That Changed His Life.Bob Proctor Think and Grow Rich

Bob was sick of being sick and tired.  He was broke, unhappy and was losing at everything he was doing.  Bob Proctor met Earl Nightingale. Earl had recorded an audio version of the Strangest Secret.  The lessons that Earl Nightingale had picked up from the Napolean Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich.  Once Bob started studying this book along Earl, he began to change his life in every way possible.

How Bob Proctor Changed His Life.

Bob studied the Think and Grow Rich every day, and a would listen to Earl Nightingale recording on a portable record player (This was in 1960).  Bob was working in fire hall as a firefighter.  Back in 1960 money was worth more than what it is today.  A new car was only $5000.  Bob created a goal card (A card that has what you want in life, written on it). He would read this goal card day and night.  The goal card said that he would have $25,000 at this time next year.  $25,000 was a lot of money at the time and where he was working.  One of the other firefighters got a hold of the card, and everyone made fun of him for wanting to be rich.  Bob then decided he would not read the card in front of anyone anymore and would sneak off to a bathroom and read it to himself.  A year later he quit the fire hall because he was making $175,000 and a year later he went over a million.

What Bob Proctor Does Today.

Bob Proctor is either 83 or 84 years old depending on when you’re reading this.  He has been designing programs to help people change their life since 1960 or so.  This man’s commitment to teaching this is crazy.  He has so much energy.  If you look at anyone that is same age you may see them retired and sitting around watching the news, unhappy.  Bob is up on stage teaching this to as many people as he can.  You can tell that he loves this material and that he can help people to the day he dies.

The Bob Proctor Programs.

Bob has so many programs that you can’t take it in a year.  We will go through each of them from the free ones to the most expensive next level stuff like the Matrix.

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