GratitudeGratitude is very Powerful!

When we talk about Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher and their teachings on the Law of Attraction., they will tell you the first natural law is vibrational harmony.  In simple terms, if you don’t feel great and happy about what you’re doing every day, then your not going to attract or be aware of what you want in life. You’re pushing away the opportunities or the creative magic that can happen with one idea that changes your life. Let’s find out more.

How To Attract More of What You Want.

We will break down each step that has been explained to us by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher through the Streaming Club and the Paradigm Shift.  We have not been working with this as long as they have so if you get confused, click the link the below and sign up since they do a great job helping people change their life overnight.

Step One, Start Your Day with Gratitude!

So many people wake up and start scrolling Social Media.  Social Media can be toxic to your mind.  Maybe if you only follow positive spiritual quotes that make you feel good, it could work for you.  A lot of people look at it because they dread going to their job or whatever it is that they don’t want to do that day.

What we have done to help us is move our social media apps to a folder that is more work to get to it.  Since we own several businesses, we need to be on social media, so we keep them but only allow us to check them when need to do a business post. Otherwise looking at negative things first thing in the morning is going to hurt more than help you.

Gratitude Morning Program

What you need to do is get up and write down ten things you’re grateful for in your life.  These can be things or people that you have now or want in your life when you do Visioneering.  Handwriting this list out is going to bring you into a peaceful, happy feeling to start your day.

You may think this is crazy, but if you try it, you may notice others that are not grateful and how it affects them.  People that hate Monday’s is because they probably hate their job which in turn makes them hate their life.  If you look at this pattern, your hate your job which then causes you to hate your boring life.

If you shift your paradigm by saying “I am so happy and grateful that I have a job to go to this morning” you will change the way you feel.  Someone in the world wishes they had a job to go to this morning.  This job you have may not be the one you want, but now that your in a feeling of gratitude you can start thinking about how you can find another job or chase that dream that you have always wanted to.

Why You’re Not Getting What You Want in Life!Bob Proctor Think and Grow Rich

People destroy their ability to have a better way of life just by not being grateful for where they are in life.  There may be a person, an opportunity or something that could change your life if your aware that it is there. Most people are so caught up in what they don’t have to focus on what they do.  What if you knew a company was going to be worth a lot of money.  If you had bought $2000 worth of stock in Microsoft in 1986, it would be worth $785,000 today.  If you had purchased  $1000 of Amazon Stock in 1997, it would be worth $224,000 today.

Bitcoin is Krypto Currency is surging now.  Krypto currency is this new money that is like computer money that is internationally recognized.   Don’t miss the point here.  There is always some opportunity that everyone is late to get in on.  Everyone talks about how they wish that they had bought Amazon or Apple Stock or if they came up with Uber.

There is an opportunity every day for everyone to start living the life they want to live.   You could learn how to stock trade; you could write a book or do whatever opportunity is in your heart.  There are a million of success stories talking about how everyone thought that this person was crazy to do something then later can’t believe that they were so lucky to have got that opportunity.  The truth is, it wasn’t luck, it was the courage to act when no one else was moving.

Step Two Goal Setting.

You need to find a goal that you want. This goal needs to scare the shit out of you.  If you set a goal that you know how to do or is something that you think you can do will not work.  You need that goal that is like “I have no fricking idea how this will happen.”   This goal will stretch you and scare you every day. This what you want since this going to make you reach the goal you have in your mind.  There is a saying “The Treasure you seek is in the cave you fear to go in.” Make sure you cover all the details of your goal.  Put this on the back of your business card and read it to yourself. Don’t show anyone because those people will laugh at your goal.  The goal card should be something like this ” I am so happy and grateful that I have received 1 Million Dollars on 3/12/18 at 5 pm and that money comes to me frequently and easily,” The goal should be something you would trade your life for.  This goal is something you want to spend the rest of your life doing.

Step Three Visioneering

We wrote a blog post here about Visioneering or Visulation.  After you make the list of things or people you’re grateful for, then take out your goal card or “I am” statement and read it. If you have to sneak into the bathroom and do then do it.  Nothing should stop you from reaching your goal or even just read your goal card out loud.  It is not worth the time explaining to others.  They are who you attracted at where you’re at. When you reach for a new crazy goal, those people will not support it because they are in the comfort zone.

The best time to do this is in the morning and if you don’t live alone before everyone wakes up is even better.  Do your first two steps then sit back and close your eyes.  Now see yourself achieving your goal.  Include every detail in this vision.  Then as your, this person you want to be, think back to how you got there.  This is the crazy part but to think about it if you planned to climb a mountain and you saw yourself on the top of the mountain, what thoughts would you have been grateful you took to start your mountain journey.

This is like looking into the future and asking yourself how you got there.  You may think this is crazy, but every person that has had a big goal didn’t know how to reach it. They just know that they could do it.

Step Four Take Action!

This step you need to understand fully before doing.  A lot of people ask should I quit my job? The answer is not if you’re going just to find another crappy job.  You need to change yourself outside of what you’re doing now.  Until you replace your old thinking with new thinking, you will just get the same results.  This takes time.   If you spend two hours a day working on your dream, you will become good at it.  First off your emotionally involved which means you will be learning at a faster rate.  Did you ever notice how hard it was to learn stuff in school?  Only the things you wanted to learn was easy.

You will know if your goal is right because you may spend years doing it and not get paid.  This is why shouldn’t quit your job until whatever life goal you set pays your bills.  What will happen is each day you will start doing a little bit, and you will not notice the time that goes by like that.   What your doing is your purpose.  If you can’t pull yourself away from it, then that is it.  Notice when you were at a job you didn’t like that you would watch the clock?

For more information on this check out the rest of this blog and take a look at the streaming club below.


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