How To Change My Life (The Problem)

How To Change My Life

I Want Something Different. I Wanted To Learn How To Change My Life!

I’m a happy person.  I just want a to change my life.  I have expensive taste and I can tell you, you can’t spend your way to financial freedom.  I felt that there had to be an easier way than grinding day in and day out. Let me tell you about how this started.

For several years I have worked in commission sales.  No matter how much I worked, I was getting average results. I was trying to balance running two companies, raising two children under 10 and trying to chase my dream while not screwing up my marriage.  Let’s find out why I wanted to know How To Change My Life.

I couldn’t figure out How to Change My Life.

I was stuck. I was like a hamster on a wheel. No matter how fast I ran I wasn’t going anywhere.  In my case, I was working harder but the results just staying the same. I wanted to learn How To Change My Life and I need someone to help learn how to reach the next level and that had a system that has helped others get the results they wanted.  After years of searching, I found Bob Proctor.

Why I disagreed.

Yes I did want to make more money.  What I saw as the problem was if I didn’t change my habits it wouldn’t matter how much money I made since I would just spend more.  This would lead to me having to work more.  I felt I was caught in an endless loop.

I wanted to support my spouse in her career. I felt it was my job to take care of the kids and earn enough to pay for mine expense and the majority of the household expenses. This left me with limited time to work or at least work harder.  I originally thought that working hard would produce better results. This is was a Paradigm that I found later not to be true.

What I kept on running into is “how do I make more money and help more people when I am limited on how much time I have in a day”.

The Results I was Getting.

Why is this happening? I wanted to understand why some years I would make more money and other years I would make less.  I would try different things to see how it would change.  I just wasn’t get it.

I tried working harder and it didn’t make a difference.   What I found was no matter how hard I worked or how little I worked it didn’t change the result.   There was something more to this and I wanted to find out what it was.

What I wanted.

I want to find something that I truly loved doing and that provide an income that allowed me to raise two children and have free time to do what I want also.  I believe this is the goal of most and I was going to find no matter what I had to do to find it.

Is It To Much To Ask For To Learn How To Change My Life?

In the type of sales that I am I get to meet a wide variety of people.  I met people that were struggling to get by and others that seem to have money falling out of their pockets.  People that were in love and others that seem to fight with their spouse but still stayed married.

I wanted to know why is that some people make it look so easy to make money or be in love with someone while others were in a daily fight with themselves to survive another day.  What I knew is if I could learn more about others, I could then see what worked and use it to help me reach my goals.

This Blog is dedicated to learning How To Change My Life by learning from how others changed theirs.

The Program that I used if you don’t have the time to read through this whole blog is below.

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