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What is a Paradigm Shift?

Change something.  Correct course.  A Paradigm is a belief that an individual has. A shift is moving something or changing something.  Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher teach the Paradigm Shift seminar.  In this workshop, you will see and hear how people are improving their lives overnight.  There is more to this.

Why is Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher Teaching How To Make A Paradigm Shift?

Bob Proctor has been teaching people how to change their life overnight for 58 years now.  Bob was unhappy, unhealthy and broke.  Bob had a man step into his life and give him a Paradigm Shift that changed his life.  Bob Proctor has been studying Think and Grow Rich and The Law of Attraction for longer than any other person that knows how this works.  Bob Proctors results are genuinely life-changing.

Sandy Gallagher was a Banking Lawyer that did Billions in bank mergers.  Sandy followed her dad in business and was very satisfied.  Sandy went to Bob Proctor’s seminar she felt like a bucket of ice was dumped over her head when she realized that she could do something different with her life.  Sandy dedicated her life to helping other people change their life with Bob’s teachings of the Law of Attraction and the principle taught in Napolean Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” Book.  Sandy was so afraid to break through what is called the “Tear Barrier” and quit her job.  Bob coached her, and she was able to break through, and now she makes more money in a month than she made all year being a banking lawyer.

 Where is the Paradigm Shift Seminar held?

There are two options for the Paradigm Shift Seminar.

You can pay $497 for standard seating or $997 for VIP if you want to attend the event in Las Angles California.  At the time this written the last one was held in October 2017, and the next one will be February 2018.  Click the link below to get your tickets.  We plan on being there.

Paradigm Shift Bob Proctor

The Second Option for Paradigm Shift is The Live Streaming.

If you’re not able to afford to travel to the event, then this is the next best option.  When we started studying with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher we couldn’t afford a lot of the programs that they offered.  After a few months of using their programs, we now can afford them and go because every time we go we make more money in our business.  If you have to charge Paradigm Shift Living Streaming, which is only a $147 to a credit card or if you have to sell something then do it.  We would have to say that we have 10X or even 50X our incomes from what Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher teach.  Click the Picture below to learn more.

Live Streaming Bob Proctor Paradigm Shift

More About The Paradigm Shift Seminar.

Do you like what you’re doing?  A lot of people are stuck in a job they hate.  They’re trapped in a prison that has no walls.  They get into their car and sit in gridlock just to sit at a job they hate and dream of a life that they see on Facebook or Instagram.  They have a fear of quitting their job and chasing their dream. Bob and Sandy help you stop dreaming and start taking action in your life.

The Paradigm Shift Live Stream goes for three days.  You will also get a link to download the workbook that goes along with it.

What if you can’t watch the Paradigm Shift from any Mobile Device that weekend?

The Paradigm Shift live Stream will be recorded for you.  You will have 15 days to watch it.  We viewed it at least three times and some parts of it we watch more.

What Do Bob and Sandy Talk About during the Paradigm Shift?

Where are you at life? At this moment in your life? Bob and Sandy will help people understand for you to reach a goal you have to understand really where you’re at in your financial, health and relationships in your life.  If you wanted to drive to New York City, you could easily map your route if you know that you’re in Las Angles California.  If you don’t know where you’re at, it is kinda hard to plan a way to your destination.

Law Of Attraction and Paradigm Shift.

A lot of people saw the movie “The Secret” then tried the Law of Attraction.   After a short time, most people didn’t see how the Law of Attraction works and the results they wanted.

What Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher do is teach you all the Laws.  See the Law of Attraction is a secondary law.  Once you get the way things have to work, they will work every time for every person.

Paradigm Shift a New Beginning.

If you’re hooked on learning more about how you can find happiness, health and wealth with working smart and not hard you should talk to the people at Paradigm Shift.  PGI is growing, and they need consultants that can help them.

How We Got More Out Of Paradigm Shift!

We had joined the Streaming Club that Bob Proctor offers several months before.  We love the streaming club since there is years worth of videos.  We learned that for us to change our Paradigm, we need to use repetition of Bob Proctors teachings about the Law of Attraction and how it helped us break through our tear barrier.  With the Streaming Club, you get the Paradigm Shift program.  The Streaming Club cost $100 a month, but we knew that if this product were worth it, it would pay for itself.  We didn’t see that it would pay a lot more than we expected. Click the link below to learn more.

Bob Proctor Streaming Club



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