What is visualization?

Visualization is using your mind to see yourself where you want to be.  We have been working on this for several years, and until Sandy Gallagher explained it in the Paradigm Shift seminar, we didn’t get it.  When we first saw the movie “The Secret” we felt we had a grip on it.  We were wrong.

Where We Think We Went Wrong With Visualization!

We thought you make a vision board, and daily you close your eyes and see yourself where you want to be. Seems easy right? We didn’t get the results we wanted.  Once we started learning from Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher we discovered there is a twist to it.

We Had To First Understand The Laws.

People think the Law of Attraction is the first Law.  It is not.  People that are in fear, anxiety, depression, resentment or any other kind of mood can’t Attract the things that they want.  They increase the opportunity to attract the things they don’t want since they are giving energy to those thoughts.

Once we learned that one our life needs to be in order, and then it needs to have vibrational awareness you can then use the visualization to attract what you want.  Sounds crazy right.  We did too until it worked.

What You Have To Understand About Visualization.

Visualization or Visioneering can be used by anyone at anytime.  Sandy helped us understand this the best.  If you look back on your life, you can follow how things happened.  The problem we all face with changing our lives is that we can’t see how the dots will line up from where we are and where we want to go.  With Visioneering you can close your eyes and see yourself where you want to be.  Make sure that you include every detail that you can of where you’re at in your vision.  Then think at that moment how you got there. When you do this, you will fuse the current you with the future you.  You may not get the answer to how to get there in a month or even several months, but if you do this little trick every day, you will eventually have the one idea that comes to you that spans that bridge from where you are to where you want to be.  It will also keep your mind in order and focused on that dream.


How visualization will help you.

Humans are a thing of nature. What you want is probably something or someone that came from nature. Do you want money? What is money? It is just paper that has ink on it that came from a tree.  Did that tree force itself to grow? Trees and things of nature have a blueprint to grow.  We as humans have a blueprint to grow also.  Some people learn this and lead the life that others dream of.  Others fight day in and day out and hate their job and their life.  They struggle because they don’t understand these natural laws that once you learn you will glide through life like it is a dream.

We hope that we have helped you start your learning which for us will never end.  The results are worth it.

We recommend that you click the link the below and check out the streaming club by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher.


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