Why The Law of Attraction is Called The Secret

The Secret

What You’ll Come To Learn About The Secret!

Yes we all have seen the movie “The Secret”. A lot of people wrote it off as something to sell tickets.  How can positive thinking change your life.  The truth is that just positive thinking will not change your life.  If you haven’t read or watched any of our content on The Law of Attraction or the book Think and Grow Rich, you may not understand why we thinking that Law of Attraction is the 2nd Law.  Let’s Learn more.

What is The Law of Attraction and why think that it is the 2nd Law of The Secret?  The First Law is Harmony.  Andrew Carnegie was the one that had Napoleon Hill write the book Think and Grow Rich.  Napoleon tells about Mr. Carnegie had a mastermind of 50 men and they had to be in harmony for him to teach them how to make millions.  It will be interesting to see if they talk about this The movie coming out called Think: The Legacy of Think and Grow Rich (see trailer below)

Why The Law of Attraction is The 2nd Law.

The Law of Attraction is the 2nd Law because the first Law is the Law of Harmonious Vibration.   Meaning if your not in Harmony with your dreams and thoughts, you will not be able to attract any what you want. If you want more money but are stressed out about bills you will cancel out your ability to have money or opportunity come to you.

For example, a baby can smile at almost anyone and make that person smile back,  That baby has no limiting beliefs,no resentments for anyone and no learned thought patterns (Paradigms).

Another one is people that are afraid of dogs.  They walk by a dog and that dog starts barking at them and the more they fear it the more it barks.  Animals can sense if your in harmony or if your in stress and fear.

Most people try to use The law of Attraction and they will try The Law of Attraction quotes and/or maybe even get a Law of Attraction Planner. Then they will wonder why The Secret is not working for them as I did.

How I Got The Secret To Work for Me.

Once I found my way to harmony with what I wanted, I started to Attract more and more.  The reason why I believe they call it “The Secret” is not as the movie stated that the rich and wealthy wanted to keep it from the poor.

The reason why it is called The Secret is once you get it work and you start seeing the success you want in your life the first thing you wanted to do is tell someone.  Maybe even someone you love.  This is the first Law that your in harmony with your goal and that it makes you feel great.

The problem lies in other people when it comes to The Secret.  I recently reached a goal in my Crossfit workout by deadlifting 305 pounds.  To me that was great.  So great that I took video of it and posted it on social media.

A few hours later I went back and looked at the comments.  From my own family I received negative comments saying that I would hurt my back and I shouldn’t be doing that.  I have been weight training on and off and in the last 10 years. I have gotten more serious about Crossfit and train 3 times a week.  I know what I am doing and if I hurt myself that is on me.

Why I Think is Called The Secret.

After this negative experience with social media and my family I was not in harmony with my thoughts.  I was in resentment.  Now that I have been a part of Bob Proctor’s Streaming Club I have learned that I need to control my thoughts (The Secret) because that is how you attract more of what you want.  I need to get my mind off of it and switch to gratitude fast.  I sat down and turned on my streaming club videos to get back in my happy harmonious mindset.

I took their negative comments and used them as fuel for me to write this post.  I thought to myself it is called “The Secret” because once you learn how to attract the money, health and happiness that you want in your life, why would you tell anyone that is going to drag you back into their unhappy life.

What People Don’t Want To Believe About The Secret.

People are so unhappy in their life that they don’t want to see other succeed.  It is a said fact and social media has made this worse.  You post happy things or your achievements and right there is someone to tear you down.

God, The Universe or The Ether has a challenge for you.  It will give you a dream and only you and then it will test your willingness to follow it.  That test will be if you can keep calm, happy and persistent in pursing it against all odds.

To Summarize The Secret.

Once you learn how to work The Secret doors will open for you that once there was walls and I can tell you it is true.  What I have learned through repetition of Bob Proctors material has taught me how to double my income by working less and to reject the negativity that is in the world and stay passionate about my dream regardless of what comes at me.

The link below is for the Bob Proctor Streaming Club which you will also get to see his October 2017 Paradigm Shift Conference.   Check out the video.  Then sign up.  Yes it is $100 a month but he shows you how it will pay for itself in as little as 30 days.

The Secret

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